Saturday, January 26, 2008

Election 2008

California will be participating in the primary elections very soon. Are you curious about the backgrounds of the presidential candidates? Would you like to research more information on these potential leaders for our nation? To find more information and updated news articles, check out the Biography Resource Center:

1. Go to the SFPL Home Page and select “Articles & Databases.” You will need a San Francisco Public Library card to access the databases from outside the Library.

2. Under the Categories side bar on the left, select “People” then “Biography Resource Center+Marquis Whos Who (Gale).”

3. In the “Search by Name” box, enter a candidate of your choice.

4. Select any of the links from the list of results.

The Biography Resource Center contains biographical profiles of prominent historical and contemporary figures worldwide. You can search by an individual’s nationality, ethnicity, occupation, and birth/death years as well as browse through topical categories. Articles are drawn from general and specialized biographical dictionaries, encyclopedias, directories, magazines, and selected Web sites.

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