Tuesday, July 24, 2007

American Bungalow

What is a bungalow?
Where does the term “bungalow" come from?
How does a bungalow’s architectural style differ?
Can you name various bungalow types?
Did you know all these questions can be answered at the San Francisco Public Library’s Magazines and Newspapers Center which has issues of American Bungalow back to 2001?

American Bungalow focuses on the preservation and restoration of 20th century homes called bungalows. This lavish, glossy quarterly provides insight to design ideas for restoring, remodeling, and even building new and updated bungalows. Colorful photographs illustrate the interiors and exteriors of featured houses. The magazine covers such topics as antiques and accessories; history; furnishings; events; the arts and crafts movement; landscaping; books and more. You will become thoroughly educated about these unique homes!

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