Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Home improvements

“I’m interested in construction, but not industrial construction. I want to fix a squeak in the hardwood floors, but I don't want to rebuild the whole house. What magazines would help me?”

Put down the blow torch and come to the Magazines and Newspapers Center at the San Francisco Main Library! Along with trade magazines for the construction industry such as Construction Specifier, Construction Equipment Distribution, Construction Equipment, and others, we also have magazines to help the weekend warrior, the do-it-yourselfer, and the head of the household handyman.

Here are a few titles from our collection:

JLC: the Journal of Light Construction - The articles are detailed, and the magazine has lots of helpful step-by-step pictures. The Magazines and Newspapers Center has copies dating back to 1994.

This Old House - This magazine provides good information and detailed diagrams if you are working with interiors. The Magazines and Newspapers Center has copies dating back to 1995.


Anonymous said...


what about those of us who home improve via gardens - home, deck, street, community, etc - what kind of titles would you all suggest?

SFPL MNC Staff said...

For some more ideas and how-to instruction on home gardening, exterior design, landscape gardening, and residential building and remodeling, you might wish to check out some of these magazines:

Better Homes and Gardens

Garden Design: The Fine Art of Residential Landscape Architecture

Sunset:The Magazine of Western Living

Taunton’s Fine Homebuilding

In addition, you might also want to explore more titles through a subject search in the SFPL Library Catalog using these subject headings:

Dwellings -- Remodeling

Gardening -- Periodicals

Gardens -- Design -- Periodicals

Landscape gardening -- Periodicals

Anonymous said...

most excellent! once classes get into gear, i'll be visiting. thanks for such a thoughtful compilation of resources.