Saturday, November 24, 2007

Cook's Illustrated

This time of year, I always want to get creative with my baking. I don’t want to make the same pumpkin pie or the usual Christmas cookies. I want to be inspired and try something new. The problem is time. I never have enough time to experiment to make sure the recipe works. A good solution is to turn to people who have actually tried everything such as the staff in the test kitchens of Cook’s Illustrated. If you haven’t taken a look at this magazine I highly recommend it for all kinds of new holiday baking ideas.

The staff of Cook's Illustrated tests hundreds of recipes to find out the best way to cook something. They not only test ingredients but pots, pans and gadgets too. They present their findings in a neutral way as they don’t take advertising from vendors.

Originally known as Cook’s, the Library owns copies of this magazine from 1984 to current.

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