Saturday, February 23, 2008

Positive Change Magazines

According to an article published in the San Francisco Chronicle (, new wave progressive magazines that promote “positive change” such as Body and Soul, Ode, Utne Reader, and Yoga Journal have attracted mass appeal. The following represent sample titles owned by the San Francisco Public Library in the Magazines and Newspapers Center:

Body and Soul
– A magazine devoted to maintaining balance in a busy world, articles cover topics such as holistic living, medicine, natural foods, self-help psychology, contemporary mysticism, and green politics.

Ode – Covers articles and feature stories on people and ideas changing the world.

Utne Reader – Covering insightful analyses of art and media from diverse perspectives, this magazine reprints articles published from over 2000 alternative and independent media sources, focusing on the latest ideas trends emerging in our culture.

Yoga Journal – A San Francisco based publication founded in Berkeley in 1975, this magazine concentrates on yoga, holistic health, New Age consciousness, meditation, and eastern and western spirituality.

For additional current and past issues of magazines, newspapers, and journals in a variety of topical subject areas, come by and browse the collection in the Magazines and Newspapers Center.

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