Friday, March 7, 2008

CQ Weekly

Have you ever wondered who keeps a watchful eye on the government, the fraternizing of politicians and their politicking, or just the whole Washington, D.C. scene? With 2008 being a Presidential election year, one needs a reliable source to keep abreast on all these political issues and happenings. How and where should you begin? A good place to check is the San Francisco Public Library. The library has a magazine called the CQ Weekly that just might hold all the answers to your questions regarding the political scene on Capitol Hill.

CQ Weekly covers timely articles, providing readers an account of what happens in Congress on a weekly basis. In addition to articles on current issues in Congress, CQ Weekly covers Senate and House bills passed the previous week and how each senator and representative voted. Other topics include updates on legislative news, “Box Scores,” public policy development government trends, commerce, politics, impact of business and government on effect, the economy, and much more.

CQ Weekly also has an online web site with searchable content updated on a weekly basis that requires a subscription.

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