Saturday, April 5, 2008

Going Green

Recycling bins, compact fluorescent lightbulbs, composting piles, organic foods—using these products can help you save energy, live a healthier lifestyle, and overall, preserve the environment. The Magazines & Newspapers Center has a variety of magazines such as BackHome, Home Energy, Home Power, and Natural Home that offer a wealth of ideas and tips on conserving energy.

BackHome – Features articles on maintaining self-sufficiency and sustainable living in a how-to format. Covers organic gardening, home education, solar and renewable energy, conservation, healthy cooking, mortgage-free building, and more.

Home Energy – Provides objective and practical information from an systems engineering standpoint on residential energy efficiency and home comfort including super-efficient appliances to indoor air quality.

Home Power – Written for homeowners, business owners, and renewable energy professionals, this magazine offers practical, do-it-yourself information for people who want to use solar, wind, water, hydrogen, methane and other renewable energy sources.

Natural Home – Provides environmentally practical ideas and tips for creating a healthy lifestyle. Topics covered include energy conservation, innovative remodeling, redecorating, homebuilding, cooking, gardening, and more.

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Anonymous said...

super useful collection of green resources - thank you!