Sunday, July 6, 2008

Men's Vogue Fashion

Did you know men are just as fashion conscious as women? Fashion isn’t just for women and girls, it’s for men and boys as well. Today’s fitness conscious males are hungry for savvy, hip, mod, laid-back, and sporty fashion styles. The Magazines & Newspapers Center subscribes to several titles covering a wide spectrum of fashion. Esquire magazine is no longer the definitive authority on men’s fashion. Other magazines have arrived onto the scene to appease men's fashionable appetites.

Here are a few titles covering men’s clothing: Details, DNR, GQ, and Men’s Vogue. And please, let’s not forget the hip-hop and rap scenes either. These titles are a must to check out: Vibe, W, and XXL. Although these last three titles adorn the world of music fashion (with regards to menswear), they offer a glimpse into a whole new genre of the fashion craze for the young and young at heart.

Details - This classy magazine is for sophisticated, suave, sporty, adventurous, and stylish guys in their 20s and 30s who aspire to become a 21st century fashion icon. The magazine focuses on pop culture careers, men’s fashion, grooming, entertaining, books, film, pop culture, and more.

DNR - A newspaper formatted magazine covering the male apparel industry with emphasis on clothing trade and manufacturing, wholesalers and manufacturers, fashionable financiers and financing, latest gossip on the designer runway shows, fashion merchandise, and more. Color and black-and-white photographs evoke the high quality and detail in the fashion designs. Presents informative articles on new urban markets of culture clash, primary colors in underwear collections, and the movers and shakers in the male clothing and manufacturing industries.

GQ - Best known as Gentlemen’s Quarterly, GQ is a leader among men’s fashion magazines. Covers interviews, economic advice, health issues, food, and travel. Also offers readers quality coverage of en vogue designer fashions, runway shows, and clothing trade. Appeals to men and their fantasies about “looking sharp and feeling smart.”

Men's Vogue - Hailing from the Conde Nast empire of publications, Men’s Vogue is for men who prefer sporting a privy lifestyle of refinement and sophistication. The magazine is a bit conservative and promotes a sharing of sensibility, living well and looking good attitude. Each issue delivers unique perspectives on wine, architecture & design, books, fashion, grooming, blogs, business & politics, travel, food and the arts. You will enjoy glancing into a world that I call the “3G’s” - Glam! Glitz! & Gloss!

Vibe - This magazine was founded in 1993 by the music producer Quincy Jones. Covers celebrities, music and sounds, fashion, lifestyle, media trends, and urban music industry. Highlights the hip-hop culture and popular hip fashions of today’s youth ranging from 18- to 24- year olds.

W - A beautifully illustrated magazine covering all aspects of the world of fashion, the designers, latest fashion trends, beauty, accessories, society, influential people, various fashion layouts and more. W and Vogue have put together a business venture, creating, which features highlights from the magazines and fashion show updates. W also releases supplements during the fall of each year. Supplements like Fashion Rocks, Glam Rocks, and Movies Rock capture the fashion crazed world of music genres.

XXL - This magazine focuses on the lifestyle and business sides of hip-hop, rap, and urban music. It also covers the hippest fashion styles--especially those from the African American culture. Includes feature articles, interviews, commentaries, and reviews as well as news, current events, and upcoming music releases.

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