Sunday, September 7, 2008

Find your Inner Chef

From the bottom shelf of the pantry behind the many cans of tomato products, we can always find our forgotten and overlooked recipes. Hidden in magazines are also some forgotten and overlooked recipes. These recipes often provide a different perspective on cooking. Whether it be cooking for the masses or cooking with local flavors, many non-cooking magazines have regular sections containing great specialized recipes.

If you look in …

…you’ll find a section on recipes that help you cater for the holidays.

Restaurants and Institutions
…you’ll find a section on surprisingly simple recipes from well known United States restaurants.

…you'll find a section on recipes to help you lose weight, stay fit, and eat healthy.

Wine Enthusiast
…you’ll find a section on recipes to pair with every type of wine.

Wisconsin Trails
…you’ll find a section on delicious recipes that you can do yourself.

To bring out your inner chef, come to the Magazines and Newspapers Center of the San Francisco Main Library.

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