Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cast On at the Magazines & Newspapers Center

Are you interested in showering your friends and family with homemade gifts? Does your love for scarves and mittens put a strain on your accessories budget? Do you long to do something with your hands?

There are as many resources for knitters as there are reasons to take up knitting. San Francisco Public Library has hundreds of books on the subject and even hosts the occasional knitting group here at the Main and in several branches. The Magazines and Newspapers Center, for our part, subscribes to some magazines for knitters of all levels, including these titles:

Knitter's is a huge, quarterly journal packed with detailed patterns and insightful and inspirational commentary. Look here for vivid instructions for projects of various levels of difficulty, each with color photos, color suggestions, and patterns. There's also an indispensable illustrated stitch glossary at the back of each issue if your purl technique is a little rusty. We have issues going back to 1984--enough ideas for a lifetime of knitting.

Interweave Knits
is another quarterly magazine that features, alongside some patterns and projects, plenty of features written to inspire. These ruminations may cause beginners' eyes to glaze over, but more seasoned knitters will appreciate articles that explore techniques rather than specific projects. That said, there is plenty of practical instruction to be found in this title -- tips about color, profiles of movers and shakers in the knitting world, book reviews and, of course, some instructions for specific projects. If you're ready to get really creative, this is the magazine for you.

If you thought knitting was all about fuzzy mittens and legwarmers (not that there's anything wrong with mittens and legwarmers), you may be surprised to learn that Vogue, the authority for all things high fashion, puts out three issues of Vogue Knitting International every year. You can expect the same standards here as you see in Vogue proper: edgy design, careful vetting of designs to match the trends of the season, and carefully composed photos. Instructions are included for all of the designs in this title. If it's cool to wear the latest fashions, it's twice as cool to make them!

If knitting's just not your thing, we have plenty of other titles to help you explore your creative side, and, as always, we at the Magazines and Newspapers Center are happy to help you match your interests to titles in our collection.

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