Saturday, April 18, 2009

Green Power

April marks a month for many green living, sustainability events and activities. This year, starting as early as March 28, many of us turned out the lights in an effort to conserve energy during Earth Hour. April 22 marks the arrival of Earth Day, and two days later, we have Arbor Day.

Last year, we featured some "green titles" in our "Going Green" posting to assist you with your personal green living needs. This year, we would like to showcase some more titles. At the Magazines & Newspapers Center, you'll find diverse magazines like Friends of the Earth, Mother Earth News, Plenty, and World Watch to help you adopt an environmentally conscious, green living lifestyle.

Friends of the Earth - For activists and inquisitive citizens who enjoy a mix of action news and information articles, this quarterly news magazine highlights online resources, blogs, environmental issues, and related news for preserving a safe and healthy environment. Published by Friends of the Earth--"a group of committed people who fight daily for a healthy and just world."

Mother Earth News - This bi-monthly magazine covers country lifestyle with articles dedicated to helping people with how-to information of home building and home improvement, organic gardening, small business development and wood-working projects. Other topics include natural health, green transportation, renewable energy, nature and community, and more.

Plenty - Written for environmentally conscious consumers, this magazine features articles and products in transportation, technology, food, home, family life, and more. Although this magazine has ceased publication as of January 2009, archived articles can still be accessed online.

World Watch - Published by the WorldWatch Institute, an independent research organization dedicated to achieving an "environmentally sustainable and socially just society," this bi-monthly magazine explores current issues in energy, population, biodiversity, agriculture, climate change, the economy, politics and sustainability in general.

Last but not least, look for the Green Stacks initiative at the San Francisco Public Library as we highlight even more online resources, reading lists, programs, and events to help you live and maintain a healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle. In April, unleash your Green Power by keeping up to date with the latest news and happenings from these and other periodicals in the Magazines and Newspapers Center.

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