Monday, September 28, 2009

Punk Passage Reads

The first wave of San Francisco's punk rock scene in images and memorabilia is on view now at the Main Library.


The Magazines and Newspapers Center on the Fifth Floor of the Main Library offers archived microfilm of the newspapers and magazines that chronicled the New Wave and Punk scene unique to San Francisco.

Come see the exhibits and attend the events on our Lower Level (through December 6th). Then come upstairs and research the innovative music, creative explosion, and the generation that made up a scene fresh with both passion and militancy. From our periodicals collection, trace all the tumultuous events just as they happened.

Our selection includes Search and Destroy (featuring many Ruby Ray photographs) in our Underground Newpapers collection, the San Francisco Bay Guardian, as well as East Bay publications like Bay Area Musicians and the Berkeley Barb.

It happened here. Do it yourself. Find out more of your local history, music and culture. It's at your library.

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