Friday, February 26, 2010

Multicultural Review

February is a month full of wonderful historic holidays, celebrations, cultural events, and let’s not forget Black History Month. In keeping with this month’s theme, the San Francisco Public Library’s Magazines & Newspapers Center wishes to share one of its newest journals, MultiCultural Review.

MultiCultural Review is a quarterly journal known in the education and library communities as MC Review and MCR. “Dedicated to a better understanding of Ethnic, Racial, and Religious Diversity,” MCR prides itself as one of the leading voices advocating the integration of acculturation, transculturalism and biracialism through a literary medium. Each issue offers news notes, an editorial shelf, staff notes, features, columns and greetings from the editor which, in itself, is of informative value to readers.

This journal will appeal to “teachers at all grade levels, college professors, librarians, administrators, and anyone else who's interested in learning new developments and trends about cultural diversity.” One can find:
  • the best reviews of new print and non-print resources
  • articles on multicultural topics
  • interviews with ethnic authors
  • film reports and book reviews
  • articles exploring current topics such as transcultural materials and approaches for working with children and adolescents
  • informative and multiracial materials reflecting positive cultural views of today’s families and our changing world
MultiCultural Review offers its readers diverse perspectives on spirituality, disability, language, and much more.

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