Saturday, August 27, 2011

Computer Music

Computer Music has been deemed as the “World’s Best Selling Music Software” magazine written to help musicians create great music with a PC or Mac computer. Futuristic music has finally arrived in the “Now” and this cutting-edge magazine offers musicians all the tricks of the trade they’ve been craving for visualizing, creating, developing, and executing their musical genuius.

Hailing from the UK—England since the first issue was introduced to the world of musicians in 1998, Computer Music (‘CM’ is its nickname) “tests the latest computer music products and offers tutorials on the most current software, enabling computer owners to develop their musical interests and expertise.” Each issue includes a DVD-ROM focusing on the current month’s topics. The DVD is a PDF guide offering an “exclusive” library of software, samples, and other materials compiled for “newcomers and rookies” to expose and help them gain basic computer music concepts—allowing them to take their music into another stratosphere.

Ever wonder how or what actually goes into the making and cutting of a musical soundtrack? How can you transform your music with the processing tricks of the pros? How to get big-bass sound from your sound system--and if changes can be made to create the sound you wish to achieve? Well, look no further. CM magazine’s step-by-step guides and illustrations offer answers to your questions. Readers will be guaranteed professional reviews on pricings, equipment and essentials, new sample packs, and applications and recommendations on the how, who, what, and where on the making of today’s worldly music.

Here are some magazine highlights:

• Making stunning vocal tracks without a singer in sight
• How to get Reggae musical sounds
• Making Beats and Basslines/Arrangement and Sound Design/Mixing and Mastering
• Making Laid-back tracks on a Mac or PC
• Guides on Audio/Sampling, Sound playback, Editing/Manipulating music on your computer
• Tips on Re-Sampling music/ Customizing sound and instruments

This is only the “tip-of-the-iceberg” of what you’re treated to in CM magazine. A Web site offers mostly the same information as does the magazine. Furthermore, one can experience listening to live sessions, plugins, software demos, tutorials, free apps for iPhones and iPod touch through the Computer Music magazine Facebook site designed to help you share music tips and ideas with other music afficionados.

The library has a small collection of periodicals on the subject of computer music, and our home page can be accessed at

Go to Books & Materials, click Library Catalog, and run a keyword search for “computer music periodicals.” Notice there are a couple of electronic resources that gives you full-text articles. Of course, you can always visit San Francisco Public Library’s Magazines and Newspapers Center for more assistance.

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