Friday, September 9, 2011

Calling for All Comments

As summer draws to a close, here at the Magazines & Newspapers Center, we would like to take a moment to determine how to best continue delivering useful and timely information to you--our readers. If you have (and currently still are) reading our blog to receive notifications of our various classes, programs, tutorials, and highlights from our collection, we would appreciate it if you can take a moment to post a comment.

We would be most interested in learning about how you generally use the Web to get information offered by the library. Blogs? Facebook? Twitter? What kinds of topics would you be interested in seeing more of? Given the rapid advances in Web 2.0 technologies and social media applications, we are exploring other means of communicating information to you that would best serve your needs and interests.

Also, please look on the SFPL Facebook page for announcements here and there about upcoming Magazine & Newspapers Center events and classes. And you can always stop by the 5th Floor or e-mail with your comments or questions.

So with that being said, please feel free to chime in! Thank you.


Ron Filion said...

I follow this blog for news and updates of the Center. If the Center had it's own page on Facebook that would be great. Don't use twitter much. With other groups, I often get email newsletters.

Ron Filion said...

I specifically read this blog to keep up-to-date on the Center. Would love to see your own Facebook page. Don't use Twitter much. I often receive email newsletters from other groups.

Jaye said...

I think that making sure all the information dissemination is integrated is key. I like to go to one place to find what I need and I would rather know something is not available than have to try and figure it out from what I am NOT seeing. I search all over the SFPL catalog and that is my main source of information. I hope you can include information on this blog there.