Saturday, August 16, 2008

Manage Your Harvest with Recipes from Vegetarian Times

If you planted a veggie garden last spring, you may well be up to your armpits in produce. If your green thumb has overshadowed your creativity in the kitchen, don't despair. Put down the trowel, take off your gloves, and stop by the Magazines and Newspapers Center to check out Vegetarian Times.

Regardless of your gastropolitical views, a recipe magazine for people who rely almost exclusively on plants for food is probably a good place to look for inspiration for putting to use the products of an overachieving garden. And while there are plenty of interesting features for the vegetable-minded reader -- tips for food shopping, vegetarian celebrity profiles, non-food product reviews -- the recipes are the main event here.

Each issue is packed with dozens of recipes and meal plans, featuring everything from quick snack ideas to gourmet creations fit for fancy entertaining. Recipes are classified by estimated preparation time and difficulty level for quick reference. And, significant for those seeking inspiration, the photos make the dishes jump off the pages with beautiful color and texture. We only ask that you try to refrain from drooling on the library's magazines.

Here at the Magazine and Newspaper Center, we're going to keep our eyes peeled to see if anyone from the City Hall Victory Garden across the street comes by to take a look at this magazine to get some ideas about what to do with their harvest.

Vegetarian Times comes out about nine times a year, and we have issues dating from 1980, which means there's plenty of inspiration to go around and recipes for your whole harvest, from artichoke to zucchini. The latest issue is on display, and you can ask about the older issues at the reference desk.

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